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Nick Cannon Releases Diss Track Against Eminem, Eminem Responds

Nick Cannon decided to keep his beef with Eminem going with a new diss track called “The Invitation” and it features an incarcerated Suge Knight, along with Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, and Prince Eazy. Suge comes in in the beginning of the track and calls Eminem a “b*tch.” Nick Cannon then comes in and goes in on Em, spitting, “Ain't no comin' back, that's a fact, this the invitation. Told Joe to lean back, don't get hit with this retaliation. I f*ck with Crack, but the white boy he f*ck with crack (Crack). Pills and smack, sh*t, and he 'bout to relapse. Call Kim, somebody get Hailie. And that other kid you raisin', that ain't even your baby (Daddy). Took a page out of Drake book, this might get a Grammy. We goin' back to back 'til you respond on the family. My baby mama killed you off a decade ago. You're still cryin' about it, b*tch, now who really the h*? I called Joe to set you up and you fell for the job. Slim won't show for the video, 'cause he terrified of my squad. I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin' a c*ck. You paid him off, then laid him off, now who really the opp? Suge called me the new 'Pac, I ain't no killer but don't push me. How the f*ck y'all got me battlin' Elvis P*ssly? N*gga” EMINEM RESPONDS The two later took the drama to social media. Nick told a fan that Eminem's lawyers reached out to him regarding the line about his chauffeur. Em responded via Twitter, saying, “U mad bro? Stop lying on my d*ck. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck.🤡.” He added, “I demand an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener so jealous!” Nick later posted a video from the set of Wild N'Out, saying, “Marshallllll, come out and play.” Last week, Fat Joe and Dre released their new album called Family Ties and their song entitled “Lord Above,” which also features Mary J. Blige, features Eminem dissing Nick.


Suge Knight disses Eminem on “The Invitation”:

“Number will be monitored and recorded. Check this out, uh, Eminem, whatever your name is, right. You know, I don't never do no talkin', but Nick is family. This is your invitation . . . To prove to everybody else what you're about . . . Winner takes all . . . Eminem's a b*tch.”

Eminem Disses Nick Cannon on ‘Lord Above’ :

Nick Cannon disses Eminem on “The Invitation” :

Suge Knight Disses Eminem on Nick Cannon’s “The Invitation” :