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Elvis Costello Remixing Early Album With Spanish Singers

Fresh off his Grammy win earlier this week for his latest album, Look Now, Elvis Costello will be looking back for an upcoming release. We caught up with Costello backstage at the Grammy awards, where he and the Imposters snagged the prize for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

Costello shed light on the latest project he's working on with producer Sebastian Krys: “Sebastian's just finished remixing an album of ours from the very beginning of our career. And the nature of that remix is going to be so surprising to you when you hear it, because it involves taking my voice off the record and replacing it entirely with Spanish singers from across 12 Latin countries and Spain. And that's something that will come out later in the year as apart of a revisiting of our catalogue.”

Costello — who didn't say which of the early albums was being revamped — explained the need to drastically alter what came before: “Music doesn't stand still. It needs to be reinterpreted. This is not a tribute record — this is a remix. But, it's not like one of those dance remixes where somebody adds something. It's the original backing tracks.”

Elvis Costello & The Imposters kick off their UK tour on February 28th in Liverpool, England.

Their next U.S. show is set for April 24th at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

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