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With new trailer, AMC announces ‘NOS4A2’ season 2 is debuting June 21

AMC(LOS ANGELES) — After a successful first season, an a near immediate pick-up for a second, AMC has announced its adaptation of author Joe Hill’s book NOS4A2 [Nosferatu] is returning June 21. 

Zachary Quinto plays Charlie Manx in the show, a supernatural baddie who abducts kids and drains their souls.  At odds with him is Ashley Cummings’ Vic McQueen, a tough, motorcycle-riding heroine with powers of her own.

In the creepy new trailer, Vic learns that Charlie is far from dead — and now has his eyes on her son.

Hill explained to ABC Audio that AMC was the perfect home for the series, which he also co-produced, saying, “When you get a chance to be in with …the team at AMC, which has done such great work with stuff like, you know, The Terror and The Walking Dead, you feel that you’re working with people who have a good grounded sense of how to scare people, how to move people, how to delineate character in interesting and effective ways….And so I’m in with the right people, that’s for sure.”

The author, the son of legendary horror writer Stephen King, also welcomed his book being turned into a series, rather than a film.

“…[Y]ou can make great suspenseful movies, too, but with with a movie, you have about 10 minutes to fall in love with a character before they’re in trouble,” says Hill.  “You don’t feel for them. So you don’t live with them the same way you live with, you know, a character like Walter White in Breaking Bad where, you know, after four seasons, every up and down, you feel that in your gut!”

By Stephen IervolinoCopyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.